Saturday, August 20, 2011


I've been occupied lately with working again, it's hard to want to sit down at the computer in the evening after being at one all day long.

Natalie starts school this coming Wednesday.  Big first grader!

So, again, this post will be short until I can think of something more in depth to think of.  Sorry everyone!  Here's some fun pictures:

Natalie is truly electrifying.....her energy she emits to me and Ern, her love for her Grandma and Papa, and all her other family members.  She has a connection to nature, music, dance.  Her shyness holds her back, but when I see it shine and sparkle, it lights me up!  It's electrifying!

She also ADORES Mae.  Mae B!

Lastly, the swirls have reappeared!