Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband, Ernie.  We were married 9 years ago today, at my grandmother's front yard, which is situated on the hill above our house which we built 7 years ago.   

Ern continues to inspire me to be more patient, more centered, and less emotional about the truly unimportant things in life.  He is continuing to help me accept things as they happen, and realize that everything will always work out.  "You should only try to control the things you know that you can control, and don't worry about all the other stuff."

He is everything I had hoped I would find in a life partner.  As each year passes, I find myself more in love and attracted to him than I was the year before.  

I love you Ern.  Thank you for the wonderful relaxing day, and thank you mom and dad for having Natalie at your house while we went out to lunch and spent the afternoon together.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baseball, garden shed, and birthday

The last 2 weeks we have spent celebrating Natalie's 7th birthday on May 28th, going to a Cubs vs. Giants baseball game, and Ern building our "wish list item"; a garden shed (with the wonderful help from his dad, who stayed with us for a week to build it with him).

This week is Natalie's last week of school.  I have had a couple of days off, which is so nice.  I will have more time off in about a week, and look forward to spending some down time with Ernie and Natalie.

Life is good.

Our 7 year old!

Garden shed - waiting for paint, window boxes, and black shutters!

Cubs vs. Giants game on June 2, 2012