Friday, February 24, 2012

Art day

I had this week off while Natalie was on a winter break from school.

Today was spent repairing the drip system in the yard, watering plants (we haven't had much rain this winter), and overall just enjoying the 70+ degree weather.  It was also a day where Natalie got to create some art.  First she "painted rocks" outside with her paintbrush and water.  We had lunch and made some crayons with her crayon maker.  While we waited for the crayons to melt, I asked her if she wanted to paint.  She said, "sure!"

I looked at her art easel, which is next to our island in our living room/kitchen (open concept), and realized that it was very low for her.  We had not adjusted it since she got it from my mom and dad for her 3rd birthday.  So, I raised the easel, and she proceeded to create her drawing for the day, while listening to Coldplay.

This is what she finished:

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